Phalcon 2.0.3 发布,高性能 PHP 框架

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摘要 Phalcon 2.0.3 发布,此版本是稳定版本,更新内容如下:Added support for Behaviors in Phalcon\Mvc\CollectionAdded SoftDelete and Timestampable behaviors to CollectionsImplemented Namespace aliases in PHQLNow you can define...

Phalcon 2.0.3 发布,此版本是稳定版本,更新内容如下:

Added support for Behaviors in Phalcon\Mvc\Collection

Added SoftDelete and Timestampable behaviors to Collections

Implemented Namespace aliases in PHQL

Now you can define if a virtual foreign key must ignore null values or not

Fixed bug that added two ? in Mvc\Url::get when using query parameters (#10421)

Now string attributes in models can be marked to allow empty string values (#440)

Added an option to return the SQL to be generated from a Mvc\Model\Query instance (#1908)

Fix doesn't correct column domain in Phalcon\Db\Dialect::select() see #10439

Added support for DOUBLE type in MySQL

Phalcon\Tag\Select now handles array values as strings avoiding that zero will be handled as empty string (#2921)

PHQL now supports CASE/WHEN/ELSE expressions (#651)

Fixed bug that passes non-string values to Phalcon\Crypt::encrypt from Phalcon\Http\Cookies

Fixed bug that didn't pass the schema name in the sequence name (PostgreSQL)

Attribute persistent is now removed from the DNS attributes in PDO connections to avoid errors in PostgreSQL (#10484)


PhalconPHP 是一个使用 C 扩展开发的 PHP Web 框架,提供高性能和低资源占用。

Phalcon 是一个开源的、全堆栈的 PHP 5 框架,使用 C 扩展编写,专门为高性能优化。无需学习和使用 C 语言,所有函数都以 PHP 类的方式曾现。Phalcon 是一个松耦合的框架。

使用时需在 php.ini 中添加

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