Keycloak 1.2.0.Beta1 发布,SSO 集成解决方案

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摘要 Keycloak 1.2.0.Beta1 发布,此版本主要更新信息如下:协议映射 - With protocol mapping it's easy to define what claims are added to the token an application receives.Kerberos 协议- It's now possible to authenticate w...

Keycloak 1.2.0.Beta1 发布,此版本主要更新信息如下:

协议映射 - With protocol mapping it's easy to define what claims are added to the token an application receives.

Kerberos 协议- It's now possible to authenticate with a Keycloak realm using Kerberos tickets through SPNEGO.

身份中介 - As well as Kerberos you can also authenticate with Keycloak with an external SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect Identity Provider.

OpenID 连接改进 - We've made several improvements to comply with the OpenID Connect specification and we've also introduced new features such as Discovery, Session Management and UserInfo endpoint.

账号登录管理的国际化支持 Thanks to Michael Gerber the login and account management pages now have internationalization support. We have built in support for English, German and Brazilian Portuguese. We've also made it easy to add your own and if you'd like to contribute a translation let us know.

部署供应商模块 - It's now possible to deploy custom providers as modules. This gives you full control of the classloader for your provider.

部署主题模块 - We've made it much simpler to package themes and they can also be deployed as a module. This makes it simpler to distribute themes as well as using custom themes in a cluster.

可登录 Stackoverflow 和 LinkedIn - Thanks to Vlastimil Eliáš we now have built-in support to login with Stackoverflow and LinkedIn.

系统日志监听 - Thanks to Giriraj Sharma we now have a syslog event listener.

版本控制和资源缓存 - A common issue in the past was that the admin console didn't work after upgrading Keycloak. This was caused by the browser caching old html and javascript. We've solved this issue by including a version number in the resource urls, so upgrading should be even simpler now!



Keycloak 是一个为浏览器和 RESTful Web 服务提供 SSO 的集成。基于 OAuth 2.0 和 JSON Web  Token(JWT) 规范。最开始是面向 JBoss 和 Wildfly 通讯,但已经计划为其他诸如  Tomcat、Jetty、Node.js、Rails、Grails 等环境提供解决方案。


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